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    By Dennis Collin


    Following on from my recent post about using Dynamo to create list of Revit components and combining such lists together, it is frequently necessary to write that amended list back to Revit. Dynamo can easily do this by using the ‘Set Parameter By Name’ node. A common application of this is to reset mark values of any Revit component to desired project settings and conventions.


    In this case I am using a Door which has had a ‘D’ prefix added to the number and the updated list of door numbers is written back to the project. My initial unmodified script could potentially add multiple ‘D’ prefixes, however, a simple Boolean filter sorts the data so that only one prefix is added.


    When working with any Dynamo script it is good practice not to rename the nodes, but to utilise the group function and assign contrasting colours with some explanatory notes to explain each stage of the script. A clearly laid out function is much easier to debug or to customise at a later stage. I have also utilised multiple code block nodes to reference to aid clarity and fault tracing.





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