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    By John Flanagan


    In this blog I will show you how to modify a railing element and turn it into a brick garden/park fence that you can put around your property when you are doing a property in Revit. In part 1 we will concentrate on creating and inserting the lower brick fence wall.


    Open the Architectural Template and sketch a length of 1100mm railing. Next select the railing and in Properties click Edit Type. In the Edit Type dialogue box click duplicate and rename the basic railing to Brick Fence or something similar. Now we can edit the Rail Structure by adding a lower rail which will be a low brick wall. We will keep the top rail. To create the profile for the low brick wall use the Metric Profile Family Template


    In the Family Editor create a simple profile as illustrated.


    Save the new profile with the name Brick Profile or something similar and load it into your project. Now in the Type Properties dialogue box, click Edit Rail Structure.


    In the Edit Rails (Non-Continuous) dialogue box, click Insert: Name = Low Wall, Height = 0.0, Offset =0.0, Material = Brick Common. Set Profile to Brick Profile (the one you just loaded). Change the Top Rail (handrail) to Circular 40mm.


    Click Apply/OK. The bottom rail now appears as a low brick wall as shown.


    In my next blog Revit: Brick Wall as Railing – Part 2, we will look at Baluster Placement and creating the Start, End and corner posts with a capping stone.