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    By Ashley Rice

    All the databases within Cymap are open-source, meaning that the end user can add, edit or update them as they see fit from manufactures datasheets or website information.

    When the user has done this internally within the CPD database program, they may want to share these databases to other colleagues within the organisation to save time for their work force.

    Cymap writes a DBZ file when the user chooses to save. This DBZ pertains the information added by the user. However, what may not be obvious to the user is that 4 other files are also written, these other written files need sending as well.

    If the user doesn’t send all the updated files, they will experience an “Error 52 Bad File Name or Number” when importing the database on the new machine.


    In order to prevent this occurring for you I have listed all the files and their associated file extensions below:

    • .DBZ
    • .NTZ
    • .01Z
    • .02Z
    • .03Z



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