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    By Dennis Collin

    Revit’s fillet command can be a bit difficult to locate for AutoCAD users as they tend to expect it to be within the suite of modify tools. However, the command is situated within draw options of walls and the creation of sketch and detailing lines.


    With Revit’s version of fillet, users select 2 intersecting lines and graphically specify a fillet radius or adjust it afterwards. Whilst it works on individual situations there is no easy way to do multiple fillet operations or perform a bevelled edge like the Chamfer command in AutoCAD. However, this limitation is addressed by a free add-in on Revit’s App store.


    After selecting some lines Chamfer and Fillet settings can be applied to multiple intersecting lines project wide. This is much quicker than using out of the box functionality and work-arounds.

    The free add-in works with multiple model and detail lines. The chargeable Pro version works with a greater range object types including walls, pipes and floors.

    Both add-ins can be found here.  (Login required)