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    By Miles Nicholson


    It’s amazing how many of us carry on with day to day operation of software, whether your mobile phone, tablet, MAC or PC wishing “I only wish that it could do this particular function…” but don’t say anything. Autodesk® has created IdeaStations for each of their products allowing users to share their ideas with other users and Autodesk®, on new features and functionality that they think should be developed. The more people like your idea, the more likely that the idea will be reviewed for possible future inclusion.

    For sharing ideas for future product features directly with the AutoCAD® Electrical team and collaborate on existing suggestions with your peers, select the following link:

    AutoCAD Electrical Ideas

    Before you make a new post, check (via a quick search of help, forums etc), that the feature doesn’t already exist and that someone hasn’t already submitted a similar idea. If they have, give it a vote, add a few comments and help gain community support with other members of your team voting. Duplicate ideas submitted will be merged with pre-existing ideas.  

    Include any screenshots or mock-ups you think may help in conveying your idea so that everyone can understand the requirement.

    When creating a new post:

    1. Search your idea before submitting to avoid duplicates
    2. Each submission should be only one idea. If you have multiple ideas, create multiple idea submissions
    3. Give your post a clear title, detailed description and supporting visuals
    4. Use key words for your tags. Good tags means better visibility



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