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    By David Crowther



    When I start QGIS I get the following messages stating that a plugin has failed to load. How can you resolve this issue?



    I am sure that I am not alone in ignoring these messages when using QGIS 😊 however, if you check the Message Log and identify the Plugin that isn’t loading correctly you can then very easily resolve this issue.

    In my case I viewed the Message Log and noted that it was my OpenLayers Plugin that was not working. While I generally use the Quick Map Services Plugin for my basemapping needs, the OpenLayers Plugin is also a great tool so I decided to fix this.

    All you need to do is to load the Plugin Manager – Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins.


    Find the Plugin that is broken e.g. OpenLayers and choose to Re-install the Plugin.


    Once the Plugin has been re-installed, close and re-open QGIS and the error messages on loading will now be cleared.