Revit 2020 - Hide Internal Origin

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By Justin Doughty


With the introduction of Revit 2020.2 came the ability to see the Project Internal Origin marker. By default all new projects created in 2020.2 come with the Internal Origin turned off. However older files will have this on by default in all views. Below are some different ways to turn this off.


Firstly this can be turned off manually in each view. Go to Visibility Graphics> Model Categories> Site and untick Internal Origin:


If you don’t have many views this should be quite quick, but to speed things up, this can always be done using a view template, as you may already have this setup.

Remember that the Internal Origin will NOT print, so it is only ever visible on screen.


To turn this off in all views automatically, you can run the attached Dynamo Script using the Dynamo Player built into Revit:


This originated from Autodesk.

Alternatively if you like pictures of dogs, you can use the free add-in from the Autodesk App Store:

InternalOriginHide-ifier by Parallax Team


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