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    By Nick Harris

    IFC Support

    Autodesk BIM 360 Design Collaboration now supports the IFC file format. With this enhancement, Autodesk has expanded the use of Design Collaboration to make it more accessible for companies using the IFC file format to share data and potentially use non-Autodesk tools and workflows to facilitate interoperability in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

    Some of the new features allow you to:

    • View IFC data as a single model or in context of the project model in BIM 360 Design Collaboration
    • Create a Package with IFC data
    • View a shared Package with IFC data
    • Understand what has changed between versions of IFC data
    • Link IFC file from Shared space
    • Create Issues on IFC data


    Model Coordination

    The BIM 360 Model Coordination module is now fully integrated with the BIM 360 Issues service, enabling users to capture observations of any type of issue (not only clashes) against multiple models.

    Simply click the Create Issue button from the Issues panel to initiate the workflow. Drop a pushpin to mark the issue position in the model, choose the issue type and enter any details you wish to capture.


    Create a new issue in the BIM 360 Model Coordination module

    As part of the Create Issue workflow, Model Coordination will automatically capture a screenshot and attach it to the created issue. This provides more context for users viewing the issue outside of Model Coordination, or in a detailed report.

    Issues can be assigned to an individual project member to action, or if a specific user is unknown, you can either choose a Role or Company. Assignees will receive a notification when an issue is assigned to them, including a link to the issue.

    Note: If a BIM 360 user does not have access to the Model Coordination module, the link will direct them to Document Management, where they will be able to access the issue details and attached screenshot. For users with Model Coordination access, Autodesk recommends that models or views are opened in Model Coordination, which will enable issue review in multi-model context.

    BIM 360 Model Coordination understands which models were loaded in the viewer when an issue is created and will try to provide that same context when you review an issue. For example, if the issue were created with two models loaded and you review the issue with additional models in the viewer, then Model Coordination will temporarily ghost the other models.



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