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    By Gary Mann

    A majority of Cymap users who have not undergone Basic training, spend far too long defining rooms when they should be otherwise engaged. I will split this into several parts, each one short and sweet.

    By far the quickest and best way of defining rooms is to use the green building standard schema language (XML) or gbXML import. Note the lower and upper case used.

    gbXML is the language of buildings that allows disparate 3D building information models (BIM) and analysis software to share information.

    To sample the speed and efficiency of this schema in Cymap, after starting the program go to Projects>New.


     Digesting the initial screen and selecting the project options and locations for importing:


    “Next”ing the following two screens and confirming locations etc will bring you to the screen below. This extracts the number of floors and the various “Z” coordinates or Luddite heights.


    “Skip Levels” removes the chance of ‘User Error’ as coordinates are drawn directly from the  XML.


    Finish on the following screens and then Close the following two dialogs as they can also be edited later, if required.



    The above shows various tools to control selections and view log etc, but none should usually be required using this Direct Import Method. (BIM DIM).


    To summarise from above, depending on the original gbXML file, 141 Rooms have been imported in probably less than one minute and DXF files have not had to be “Cleaned up”.