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    By Garry Stockton

    Although you may have created a standard template in Revit, there may be times when you need a custom Template for a project. This blog will show you the simplest way to easily copy standards from one project to another.

    Project standards include system families, fonts, dimensions, line weights, print settings etc and once set up in an existing project can be transferred to other projects saving you having to duplicate work.  Once copied it’s good practice to rename the project right away.

    What’s usually included in Project Standards?

    Firstly, we need to look at what settings we need to be transferred from the existing project. When transferring standards, the main default settings tend to be as follows: -

    • Family types (including system families, but not loaded families)
    • Line weights, materials, view templates and object styles
    • Mechanical settings, ducts, piping and electrical settings
    • Annotation styles, colour fill schemes and fill patterns
    • Print settings and preferences

    The first thing you will need to do is ensure you have the Template (or project) standards that you want to copy and a new project to transfer to. Then, select the View Tab (of template/project 1), go to Transfer Project Standards.


    You can de-select the items you don’t require transferring by unticking the relevant boxes.


    Once you have selected the items you want to transfer, select ‘OK’. Revit will now take your standards from the existing project to a new one.

    There may be times when you get a prompt to say that an item being transferred already exists in the new project, select if you want to New Only, Cancel or Overwrite.


    You are now up and running.



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