Revit - Creating 3D Sections

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By Garry Stockton

Towards the end of each training course, I do a quick ‘Tips n Tricks’ session. Below, I will show how you can easily create 3D Sections in Revit. It is often agreed by delegates that it’s very useful and they weren’t aware it was available.


  1. Once you have inserted a Section Line, open your project in the default 3D view.
  2. Right click on the view cube.
  3. Find “Orient to View” in the menu and mouse over it.
  4. When it expands it will give you the following options:-
    a. Floors
    b. Elevations
    c. Sections


  5. Hover your mouse over ‘Sections’ and this will extend to section (see below) and the select the Section you need.


  6. Revit then gives you the section view you selected, however, you are in 3D mode. Select the home button on the view cube and you get the 3D Section View. Don’t forget to save the view using your standard naming convention.


Note: To bring the whole 3D model back into your project, go to properties and untick section box in Extents.

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