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    By Ashley Rice

    The water inlet position can be changed on a project in the real-world and we might need to do this in our Cymap model to reflect the change without the desire of starting the entire system design from scratch.  The water in-let position in our case is known as an entry point and can be broken, deleted and relocated to another section of the same system to tap-in.

    There are a few things to know before we start. The fluid path is determined by design when calculated, hence where your draw-off points are relative to the entry-point - this will need to follow the same path for the system to recalculate.

    As you can see from the below image, the system incoming mains is on the south-side of the building.


    And on the north-east is the revised position as shown in the below screen shot:


    Step 1

    Select and Delete the section of the original MCW inlet.


    Step 2

    Disconnect the tap-offs where the flow needs reversing.

    In our example this is where the kitchen runs to the bathroom.


    TIP: You can break a section of pipe by clicking to insert ‘Distribution Pipe’ with the Cold System ticked. That way you only delete the section where the flow needs reversing.

    You can tell which way the flow is by looking a connection with the direction of flow as below:


    Now route the new section, connecting on to the existing outlets as per below:


    We will run this all the way back to the Revised MCW Inlet:


    Then connect the bathroom to the new run and we haven’t had to re-design the entire system, just the index run.


    Don’t forget to hit ‘Display, Calculate’ to complete the revised MCW distribution.




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