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    By Gary Mann

    Contrary to the title beginning with Cymap, this blog applies to the editing of any DB and may seem obvious by the time you have read this, but I deal with many calls regarding this issue with customer projects. Below is a reminder of the DBs available within Cymap:


    Because most of the manufacturer’s data is maintained within a DB it makes it a simple task to add new components, remove obsolete data and also combine different manufacturer’s into the same DB to create your own i.e. a “Prefered Suppliers DB”.

    This blog is not about editing any of the 11 or more DBs, that is better described using the Cymap Help section which contains a number of “Editing DB” videos.


    My main concern is that if a DB is edited, you must rename it with a unique and relevant name. This is best done using the steps below:

    1. Select an existing database that you wish to modify or choose “New”.
    2. As soon as the selected DB is opened, “Save As” using a Company, Individual, project, client or other suitable title e.g. “Project St Aines” would benefit from an edited Pipe DB re-named “St Aines.DBP”
    3. The Chosen nearest Selection Rule should be copied and edited, again calling it “St Aines Cu BSEN 806 Max 4m/s”
    4. The associated notes file should be edited with the details for quality assurance purposes.

    Remember. If you fail to rename any edited DB you will create an instance where you will have two different files with the same name – a sure recipe for disaster!



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