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    By John Flanagan


    Marker for Internal Origin

    The latest update for Revit 2020 has been out for a few weeks with some interesting new features one of which is the Marker for Internal Origin.

    The internal origin is not invisible anymore. A coloured 3D arrow marker can now be made visible in all views.


    Activate the visibility of the Internal Origin under the Site category in the Visibility/Graphics menu.


    The marker is not only visible in plan views, but also in elevations, sections and even 3D views. The blue arrow represents the height (z-axis), the red arrow represents left-right (x-axis) and the green arrow represents bottom-up (y-axis).             



    Remember that the internal origin cannot be moved. When you start a project, make sure you model in relation to this marker. Usually, it should be located at the intersection of important grids.