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    By Garry Stockton

    After inserting the DWG via CAD Link -  linking doesn’t bring in layers and linetypes, it just brings in the line patterns if that particular pattern doesn’t already exist in your Revit file. One nice thing that it does well is to rename those patterns with “IMPORT” at the beginning of the name, so that you can recognise them easily.



    Removing the line patterns – some options:

    • Delete these line patterns manually, but that will just make any lines with those patterns solid instead (Note: Purge doesn’t work for line patterns).
    • Use Dynamo to swap out the line patterns with Revit ones.
    • Use a third-party add-in that can delete and replace one-line pattern with another.
      There is one available on the Autodesk APP Store called Project Sweeper which gets good reviews.

    Also note, if you delete the line patterns and then reload the CAD link, all the original CAD lines come back.



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