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    By David Crowther



    Why is the MapThat Data Table showing Latitude values?



    This issue is caused by incorrect configuration of the Layer and the associated Information Bubble.

    In this example we are configuring a Conservation Areas Layer. In the settings you may find that the Used For Simple Search is ticked by mistake – this can happen if you use the Clone Layer option to create this layer. However, this should simply be a Spatial Layer to show in the map and isn’t going to be used for a Simple Search.


    With this option ticked, MapThat requires at least one of the Attributes in the Information Bubble to then be used to Show in the Simple Search.

    However, in this case the Bubble associated to the layer is setup to simply show the Conservation Area Name and as such doesn’t have ANY record set (ticked) as Use in Simple Search.


    If you implement the above configuration, where the Layer believes it is a Simple Search and the associated Bubble doesn’t have any field to show in the Simple Search results window, the layer may likely have an issue on loading or it will show the Latitude values in the Data Table.

    To resolve this issue, simply edit the Layer settings and untick Used for Simple Search and save the changes to the layer.


    Now the Layer will render as expected and the Data Table will show the correct values.




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