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    By David Crowther



    I am configuring the MyCommunity Tool for MapThat but cannot choose the correct Result Units – how is this configured?


    From the Projects menu choose MyCommunity Setup and the current MyCommunity configuration records will be listed.


    The Results Units can be configured for any DATA TABLE record type. The Data Table records are those that are shown underneath the MyCommunity main tab to show the distance to nearest assets e.g. X Nearest Schools, Post Offices, Leisure Centres etc. The Distance to each asset is shown using the Units as configured in the MapThat Admin Forms, in this case using Metres.


    The Admin User can reconfigure these Data Table records by selecting the Pencil (Edit) icon next to the Data Table record. In this example we will edit the Liverpool Schools record.


    This then opens the Liverpool Schools Data Table record.


    The accepted values for the Result Units in the MyCommunity Tool are:

    • KM
    • Metres
    • Miles

    In the MyCommunity Data Table Edit Page you can choose which Results Units to use by choosing the option from the Results Units list box.


    Changing the Result Units to KM (and pressing Save) will then show the Find My Nearest results in the MyCommunity Data Table (Schools) using Kilometers as the Distance Unit.


    If however you do not have the correct list box choices, you will need to add them within the Admin Forms using the Reference Codes section.

    Reference Codes are used in the MapThat Admin Forms (and other DynamicMaps Solutions) to populate list box choices when editing Layers, Projects, Bubbles etc…

    In the MapThat Admin Forms choose Administration > Reference Codes > and Search for ‘Result’. This will list any Reference Codes that relate to the word ‘Result’ e.g. MyCommunity Result Units.


    You will need the above 3 options adding so that you have 3 list box choices when editing the MyCommunity Results Units. If they do not exist, then choose the NEW (plus icon) and add the Reference Code as per the below.


    The Low Value is used to save a value into the MapThat control table so needs to be either, KM, Miles or Metres.


    The Domain is a combination of the MapThat Control Table and Field name to be updated e.g.


    Now that you have 3 Reference Code records for the Result Units…..


    …. you can choose one of the three options when editing the MyCommunity Data Table – Results Units.




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