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    By Martin Phelps

    From time to time users may notice that the “Model” and “Paper” space tabs at the bottom of the screen may not be displayed, as shown in Figure 1.


    This may have been due to opening an old drawing file, which can sometimes affect the display. However, more than likely the tabs have been closed down accidently.

    Without the tabs being displayed, to access “Paper” space, select the “Model” icon in the “Status Bar” this will flip to “Paper” space, to return back to the model environment, type the word “Model” and press enter.

    Alternatively, to reinstate the tabs, open the “Options” dialogue in the lower left of the “Display” tab, in the “Layout Elements” section check the box “Display Layout and Model Tabs” as shown in Figure 2.


    Once checked, select “Apply” and “Ok” the dialogue box the “Model” and “Paper” tabs are now shown.