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    By David Crowther


    MapThat V4 was released in Autumn 2019 and now has an update which allows you to view the Legends for your Web Map Service (WMS) layers.

    So whether you are maximising your use of Open Source Geospatial tools such as GeoServer to publish complex spatial datasets or you are accessing external Web Map Services from the Environment Agency, Historic England, BGS etc, you can now render their Legends next to the layer in MapThat.

    MapThat___Now_Shows_Legends_for_WMS_Layers_-_2.JPGAdopted Highways Layer published via GeoServer

    MapThat___Now_Shows_Legends_for_WMS_Layers_-_3.JPGFreehold Assets Layer published via GeoServer

    MapThat___Now_Shows_Legends_for_WMS_Layers_-_4.JPGTerrier Plots Layer published via GeoServer

    MapThat___Now_Shows_Legends_for_WMS_Layers_-_5.JPGCoal Areas, Flood Zones, Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas consumed from external WMS sources

    Coming Soon - If you are a MapThat Administrator watch out for a new FAQ on how to setup MapThat legends for your GeoServer WMS Layers.



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