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    By Miles Nicholson


    The AutoCAD® Electrical Project Manager creates and manages projects and their respective drawings.


    The Project Manager lists the drawing files associated with each open project. It allows you to add new drawings, reorder drawing files and change project settings.

    When working with AutoCAD® Electrical, the projects shown within the Project Manager should be restricted to only the projects you are working on. This is especially relevant when working with Autodesk® Vault. On start-up of AutoCAD® Electrical, the Project Manager’s list of projects is refreshed which checks the status of all the drawings and projects contained within the list of projects and whether they exist and are in the correct place. Furthermore, Autodesk® Vault checks these files as to whether the files and/or projects are held within Vault and what their current status is. A smaller list means a quicker refresh of the Project Manager.