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    By Miles Nicholson


    Autodesk® Vault Professional’s Item Master automatically extracts the part information from an AutoCAD® Electrical project *.wdp resulting in an electrical bill of materials broken down into the installation and locations (assemblies and sub-assemblies) and/or a quantified bill of materials by manufacturer and part number.


    If you wish to have, within Vault, an itemised bill of materials broken down into Installation and Location rather than a quantified bill of materials, then you must ensure the AutoCAD® Electrical Project Properties are defined correctly.

    Within AutoCAD® Electrical, the user is able to suppress the installation and location values being annotated into the components installation and location attributes within the schematics. If this information is suppressed, then the installation and location values are not shown / missing within the Vault Item Master - Electrical Bill of Materials.

    Therefore, if you wish to have Installation and Location values shown within Vault, the values defined must be within the component blocks within the drawing and not just the drawing record cards. To annotate the installation/location drawing defaults into the component blocks, set the Project Properties as follows:




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