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    By John Flanagan


    Revit 2020 Wall Sweep Tip


    When editing a wall type, always remember to duplicate and rename the wall type so that you don’t lose the original. In the Wall Assembly dialogue box put your preview into a Section View (it usually defaults to a plan view) in order to activate all the wall modification tools such as split region, reveals and sweeps etc.

    In the first illustration, a 2 course brick profile sweep has been added to a compound wall. In a section view the problem is that the facing brick is still showing behind the brick sweep. The second illustration shows a wider cavity behind the brick sweep. This is structurally what you want to achieve.


    Before you insert the sweep profile you need to split the wall just above where the 2 course brick profile will be inserted, and just below where the brick profile will be inserted. Next use the Modify tool to adjust the width of the cavity between the two wall splits.


    Now you can insert your 2 course brick profile between the two horizontal wall splits in the facing brickwork. The external offset for the brick sweep will be 20mm. This corresponds to the 82.5mm for the extra wide cavity section.



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