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    By John Flanagan


    Introduction: Create Multiple Types of Dimensions within a Single Command Session.

    The smart Dimension tool can be found on the Home and Annotate tabs of the ribbon. Smart dimensioning allows you to place lengths, circular radii and diameters, arc radii and arc lengths without switching dimension tools.


    Smart dimensioning automatically creates appropriate dimension notes based on the types of objects you select. Select the smart dimension tool and hover over the circumference of a circle and the dimension will preview. Hit the down arrow key on your keyboard to see the geometric options. When the preview shows the dimension you want, simply pick once to select, and then pick once more to place the dimension in the desired location. Try this with an arc, you can switch between a radius or an arc length measurement.


    This tool is very versatile and saves a lot of time when placing multiple types of dimensions.

    Tip: Turn object snaps off so that you can hover over lines, polylines, arcs, circles etc and see immediate dimension previews.