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    By John Flanagan


    Introduction: Use Quick Select to select objects in your AutoCAD drawing.

    The Quick Select tool is a filtering selection that allows you select the objects you want.

    There are 4 ways to open Quick Select in AutoCAD:

    • Home tab> Utilities panel>Quick Select
    • With no command active, right-click in the drawing area and choose Quick Select.
    • Click the Quick Select button in the Properties palette.
    • Type qselect on the command line.

    Here’s a simple drawing with two different sized circles. If I select one circle, then right click and select similar, all of the circles irrespective of size will be selected.


    If I use the Quick Select tool I can select only the smaller circles if I want to. In the Quick Select Dialogue box enter the following: Object Type: Circle, Properties: Radius, Value: 600.

    Quick Select Dialogue Box


    When you click OK you will see that only the small circles have been selected.


    If necessary, the radius of all the selected circles could now be changed collectively in the Properties palette.