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    By James Philip

    In Revit the stair creation process has been greatly simplified in the recent releases, but if you are an interior designer the tread detail and material are an important part of the design which is often overlooked when just considering the architectural elements. So, to redress this I am going to add these items to a custom stair to illustrate how easy it is to add these enhancements.

    The custom stair illustrated below has only the construction material concrete applied to it and the tread material needs to be changed to wood flooring. See Fig 1.


    Select the staircase, the ribbon displays the Edit Stairs option. See Fig 2.


    The stairs are now in edit mode, then select the stair again and choose the Edit Type button. See Fig 3. 


    The Edit Type dialogue box is displayed. Select the Tread Material (Fig 4) and the Materials Editor dialogue box is displayed. See Fig 5.



    Select the material required for the tread, in this case, it is Wood Flooring and choose ok twice.

    The stair treads now have the chosen materials on them. See Fig 6.




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