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    By James Philip

    In the previous blog we added material to the stair tread, in this one we will add some tread detail. In the image below the treads are as generated by the stair creation tool. See Fig 1.


    Select the stair and the select the edit type button. See Fig 2.


    The Type Properties dialogue box is displayed. In the dialogue box, choose the Tread and Nosing options. See Fig 3.


    Edit the settings, to make the:

    Tread profile to 30

    Nosing Length to 30

    Nosing Profile to Profiles_Stair_Nosing_Radius : 30mm

    Apply Nosing Profile to Front, Left and Right

    Then select OK.

    See Fig 4.


    The Stairs now have the applied profile settings added to their treads. See Fig 5.