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    By Justin Doughty


    There are many reasons for converting text into geometry. You may be producing your own logo or producing a sign to be machine cut.

    To do this with AutoCAD there is an Express Tool Command called Explode Text (TXTEXP). Pick the command and select the text and it will be converted into polylines:


    AutoCAD LT

    AutoCAD LT does not have this command, so Autodesk suggest to use the following guide to get the same results:


    However, there is an alternative method that can be used with AutoCAD LT, using PDF that some may find easier:

    Print a PDF as normal, but set the PDF Option to Convert all text to geometry:


    Then go to Insert>PDF Import and make sure the options are set:


    These are now hatch objects. Select the hatch and select the Recreate Boundary option:


    This gives polylines that are continuous, have more vertices and seem more accurate: