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    By Martin Phelps

    The two remaining sub commands in “Fillet” which have not been covered by my previous blogs are “Undo” and “Multiple”.

    As with all sub commands they can be accessed in several ways i.e. selecting from the command line, right click menu and in most cases typing the initial letter of the sub command and pressing enter. The key in short cut is highlighted in blue in the command line, as shown in Figure 1.



    To save constantly going back to the ribbon and selecting the icon, or typing in the short cut and initiating the command, the “Fillet” sub command “Multiple” could be selected. Using this option, the user can stay in the command and continually select pairs of lines to create “Fillets”.

    Any of the other subcommands can also be used once the “Multiple” option has been selected. For example the “Radius” value may be changed without exiting the command and likewise “Trim”, “No Trim” option could also be changed while still in the command.

    To cancel the command press “ESC”.


    Using the “Undo” option simply allows the user to undo the last generated object, in this case it would be a “Fillet”. It saves the user exiting the command and using the main “Undo” command which will undo all the changes made by the previous command. This is particularly useful if using the “Multiple” option and a number of “Fillets” have already been created. The “Undo” option will allow the user to remove the created “Fillets” one by one.