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    By Justin Doughty


    Autodesk has released the Revit 2020.2 Update. Along with a number of fixes, this includes some really useful new features shown in the videos below. Things like the schedule improvements and the internal origin are small changes, but these make large improvements to workflow.

    Dynamo 2.3

    Dynamo Nodes that Load Steel Connections from Libraries

    Dynamo Nodes for Steel Connections that Read Analysis results

    Full Path for BIM 360 Links

    Edit Circuits and Panels in Panel Schedule View

    Highlight Active Row in Schedule

    Freeze Header in Schedule

    Expose the Internal Origin of Revit Models

    Fly Mode in Perspective Views

    Path of Travel Add and Edit Waypoints

    More Information can be found at the Autodesk Link below:

    Revit 2020.2 Update Release Notes



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