AutoCAD – Improving productivity with external routines

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By Dennis Collin

In a previous post I mentioned how AutoCAD users can utilise the benefit external programs such as AutoLISP and other routines coded in Visualbasic and C++.

Such programs can make for example, the process of numbering of elements and drawing insulation fills much easier and once loaded, perform like any standard AutoCAD command.

These routines can be loaded in using the APPLOAD command (application loader).


Typing this command in the command prompt, reveals a dialogue box with a status message on a successful load.

To access our batting insulation tool, simply type in ‘IB’ . This will run the routine and will offer a range of options. The sample lisp routine discussed with convert lines, circles, arcs and ellipses into insulation batting features with options for width and initial path setting out retention.


To ensure that this and other useful utilities are available for future AutoCAD sessions, add the routines to a start-up group and they will be automatically loaded.


The Express Tools that come with the default install of AutoCAD are a good example of what external applications can do.


My previous post listed several sources to obtain and download useful AutoCAD routines. (link at top)

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