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    By Dennis Collin


    When learning any new software, it can be a challenge to locate commands quickly. Many users find the Ribbon interface initially a little tricky to navigate. Whilst keyboard shortcuts and right click menus are great for more established users, new users may need a little more help to find commands like align or wall, beam or roof join.

    Revit does have many add-in applications to help with a range of tasks. One that may prove useful in locating commands is the free add-in OkCommand. This provides an environment as a tab adjacent to the project browser which provides a facility of a search and quick short cut to a command, either via recent commands or a list of designated favourites. A favourite list is made just by toggling the adjacent star icon.


    To enable or disable the OkCommand application simply toggle the app under the Add-ins tab. The OkCommand interface facilitates smart docking like the properties dialogue and can be relocated anywhere on screen and can be set in a similar position to the AutoCAD command line. In my opinion the default arrangement works fine, toggled with a bespoke ‘OK’ shortcut.



    The OkCommand add-in can be found on the Revit App store (login required).