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    By David Crowther


    If you are using InfraWorks to create more than one Proposal for a planned development, did you know you can Copy and Paste Model objects from one Proposal to another?

    For example, you could create Proposal 1 which is a full site clearance by deleting all the Road Features.


    Whereas Proposal 2 could be a site with all the roads remaining.


    You can now use the Proposals tool to check the difference between the Proposals in terms of features added and deleted.


    Here we can see that Proposal 1 has a number of Roads removed, when compared with the Master Proposal.


    If you wish to amend Proposal 1 and add a Model object back in, for example a Road that was deleted, follow the steps below.

    1 – Open a Proposal where the Model object still exists e.g. Proposal 2.

    2 – Select the Model Object e.g. a Road.

    3 – Press Control C to Copy the Object.


    4 – Return to Proposal 1 and press Control/Shift and V which will ensure that the Model object is pasted into Proposal 1 in the exact location that it is within Proposal 2.


    You have now successfully used the Proposals tool to check the differences between your Model Proposals and where needed Copied and Pasted objects between Proposals.



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