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    By Ashley Rice

    Export your System from Cymap on a floor-by-floor basis or in a 3D complete DXF.

    This blog assumes you have created your System in either the piping, public health or ducting program and you wish to export the systems as either a 2D DXF or 3D DXF. The workflow is the same throughout the programs including DXF plots for lighting studies and electrical layouts.

    In this example we will look at ducting DXF plotting, but as mentioned the workflow or the process is the same and as follows:

    You can access the DXF Plotter from either the Cymap Menu when you have selected a project:


    Or on the Cymap ribbon within the project program:


    The Next step is to choose what you wish to display on the screen and subsequently what you don’t wish to display.

    Within the ribbon click on Display, Options and select from the dialog box as per your requirements:


    Then exporting the DXF as per the display options go to File, Print, DXF output.


    Click Browse to choose the file location and the file name within the windows file explorer.

    NB: as mentioned, if you are choosing the 2D export you will need to do this on a floor-by-floor basis so don’t forget to level up and/or down for projects with more than one level.





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