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    By Martin Phelps

    By default, when using the “Fillet” command the selected lines are automatically either “Trimmed” or “Extended” as per Figure 1.


    This is very useful when joining lines, however it can also be a hindrance, since the selected line may then need extending back to its previous location as per Figure 2.


    To avoid stretching or dragging the line back to its previous location, the “Trim Extend” function within the “Fillet” command can be disabled, this will still create the “Fillet”, but the selected “Lines” will remain unchanged.

    To disable the “Trim” option, use one of the following methods, active the “Fillet” command, right mouse click to display the menu, select “Trim” right mouse click and select “No Trim” as shown in Figure 3.


    Alternatively, when in the “Fillet” command select “Trim” from the “Command Line”, then select “No Trim” again from the “Command Line”, as shown in Figure 4.


    Or type in “Trimmode”, if the value is set to “1” selected lines will “Trim” (or “Extend”), if the value is set to “0” selected lines will not “Trim” (or “Extend”).

    Note: - Regardless of how this value is changed, its current value will be stored and will remain set until changed again.

    Figure 5 shows the result if “Trimmode” is set to “0” (selected “Lines will not “Trim” or “Extend”).