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    By John Flanagan



    Creating a Stacked Wall in Revit

    You can create a vertical wall assembly in Revit by simply placing a wall on top of another wall. A stacked vertical wall assembly effectively ‘’glues’’ the walls together. In our example we are going to create a stacked wall using two wall types as illustrated. The brick facing wall with a height of 750mm will be the base and the rendered block wall will be the top.

    Stacked Wall Assembly


    To combine both walls we must first select a pre-loaded stacked wall and edit it. Select the Wall tool and in the Type Selector scroll down and select a Stacked Wall. Click Edit Type. In the Type Properties dialogue box click Duplicate and name the new stacked wall to Cadline_Stacked Wall or something appropriate.

    Type Selector: Default Stacked Wall


    In the Type Properties dialogue box click Edit structure.

    Edit Structure


    Edit the wall assembly as shown. Put the block wall on top of the brick wall. Use the settings shown. Try out the new wall in a project.


    If you need to explode a stacked wall back to individual walls, simply select the stacked wall right click and in the right click menu select Break Up.