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    By Miles Nicholson


    The Cadline Localiser contains dynamic trunking and DIN rail. There are 12 trunking commands depending on height. This command inserts trunking in accordance with EN 50022 and each block contains an attribute for width and length. The command functions as follows:

    When the AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Adding_Trunking_Size_Information_Into_Panel_Reports_-_1.JPGTrunking * command is selected, you are prompted for the rotation on the command line:

    Specify rotation angle <0>:

    When the trunking is placed, you can left click on the block and you will note a small AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Adding_Trunking_Size_Information_Into_Panel_Reports_-_2.JPGto the right of the symbol.


    Left click on the AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Adding_Trunking_Size_Information_Into_Panel_Reports_-_4.JPGto drag out to the right or down.


    If you left click on the AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Adding_Trunking_Size_Information_Into_Panel_Reports_-_6.JPGa drop down list of pre-defined available trunking sizes will be shown.


    To update the size information in the trunking, type at the Command line:             REGEN

    A SAVE or QSAVE will also update the length information.

    The Width and Length information is stored within the attributes D1 and D2 and this can be extracted into a Panel Report if the User Attributes of D1 & D2 are included:

    User Defined Attributes in Reports

    The above document discusses adding WD_WEBLINK but the principle is the same for any other user attribute.

    By editing each trunking and adding a component tag, you can also have this shown within the panel report:


    Depth could be also included if an attribute is added into the dynamic block.