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    By Gary Mann

    One of my favourite features in Piping is the Autoplace Radiators. This is available from the Piping Program using Edit>Autoplace Radiators.


    To use this, you must first complete the Piping>Edit General Section and ensure that a manufacturer and range have been selected. I will choose the Range and highlight the models required by placing a red tick by each of the Radiator symbols.


    Select “Autoplace Radiators” and decide if you wish to edit the default Mounting Height and Flow & Return Valve connecting positions (A-V) shown below.

    Remember that there are limitations such as Manufacturer’s Ranges. Panel Radiators are made to a maximum length of 3.0 m, with many ranges having a maximum length of 2.0 m.

    If the window width is less than 300m wide or if the sill height is less than 400 mm, Cymap will ignore as Panel Radiators are not manufactured in dimensions less than this.

    Coiled Pipe Emitters are Autoplaced with more success as the variety in lengths is generally much greater and will match the window widths better than a panel made only in 100mm increments.


    After Clicking “Place”.


    Cymap will attempt to place a radiator below each window and take into account the sill height, mounting height, window width and adjusted radiator output if the Room temp – mean water temperature is not 50oC. A radiator has been placed under all windows in the example above and they call all be dragged elsewhere if Display>Options>Pipe “Snap Radiators under windows” is unticked.

    The 7 failed room were all internal, without any windows. These remaining few, if any, can be placed manually as a human designer can easily decide which face to place the radiator in an internal room without windows if heating is required.



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