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    By David Crowther

    Cadline is pleased to announce the full release of MapThat V4.


    MapThat V4 was released in Autumn 2019 and includes a completely new MapThat Admin Forms interface, making it easier for MapThat Administrators to create and manage Layers and Projects for their MapThat implementation.

    Discover some of the benefits of our new release and learn how easily you can implement a web enabled GIS in your organisation.

    The new MapThat Admin Forms - allow you to more easily manage your MapThat Instance and integrates seamlessly with any other DynamicMaps Solutions, including:

    • Local Land & Property Gazetteer
    • Street Naming & Numbering
    • Land Terrier


    New Simple Search – which provides the search results in a panel below the search options, making it a lot more simple to find an address, planning application or other map feature.


    Support for Multi Geometry PostGIS tables – MapThat will now allow you to both render and edit Multi Geometry PostGIS records.


    Layer Header updates – now allow you to auto expand a Layer Header, allows users to tick on all Layers within a Layer Header and also start the project with the Layer Header pre-ticked.


    Better WMS Support – now allowing rendering of attribute values where there is coincident geometry.


    ….And rendering of Mosaic WMS layers from GeoServer e.g. Historic Mapping layers.


    Contextual Help – each tool now has its own contextual help popup which can load help text as well as help videos.


    Improved Print to PDF tool – making it even easier to print your maps.


    Updated Thematic Layers – providing tick boxes for each category so users can filter map objects to make better decisions.


    Try it for yourself on our TryMapThat website.



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