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    By Ashley Rice

    Within Cymap you might find making connections from draw-offs to index runs easier with the below tips.

    Tip No1 (Temporarily displaying pipe heights)

    As you can see on the below example, we have a Male and Female WC next to each other.


    To connect from the Male WC and WHB back to the system run either at low-level or high-level we need to establish the height to connect into, and in order to do this we can simply do a right-mouse click on the section of pipe. NB: the height will be populated temporarily in the centre of that section as seen below:


    You can see above that it is running at a height of 3.1 above room 16 Female Rec WC.


    You can see above that it is running at a height of 0.1 low level behind the WHB in room 16 Female Rec WC.

    Now insert the distribution pipe back from the draw-off to the 0.1 height at low-level in room 16 as seen below:


    Tip No2 (Auto-Connecting the remaining Draw-offs)

    Use Edit, Auto-Connect draw-offs as seen below with a specified 1 meter connect distance the connect the second WC and the two WHB in room 50.


    Tip No3 (Connecting from the circuit run to the draw-off)

    Rather than connecting from the draw-off to the main run, this tip allows the user to connect from the main run back to each draw off. See below:


    Double clicking anywhere inside the draw-off close to the node will auto connect at the node.


    You can still follow tip no. 2 and use the auto connect to finish, then display calculate the system.



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