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    By Nick Harris

    Over the summer Cadline has been proud to support Autodesk’s Summer School initiatives by delivering a series of learning and development activities for educators from some of the UK’s leading Universities. There have been two learning paths, one focused on Autodesk BIM 360 for educators that deliver construction related courses and the other on Autodesk Fusion 360 for product design and manufacturing educators.

    The intention is to bring the very latest, next generation design and collaboration platforms into the lecture theatres and make them core to the technology aspects of the courses. We have an aspiration to equip the next cohort of graduates with the skills they need to introduce these new technologies to their future employers.

    Using Autodesk BIM 360, students are now learning how to introduce and collaborate with Building Information Modelling workflows in a curriculum focused on promoting digital construction.  BIM has proved to be a positive disruptor for an industry which has been slow to change in the past. Now a new generation of professionals will be joining the workforce with a different expectation of what a good project delivery should look like. They will have the skills to deliver collaborative construction projects with high levels of automation and rich asset data as the new normal.


    The Fusion 360 courses focused on two advanced features available in Autodesk’s cloud connected engineering design technology. Following an introduction to the comprehensive modelling tools in Fusion 360 we got straight to its unique ability to support additive and subtractive manufacturing workflows without leaving the same common interface. Finally, we looked at how the advanced generative design tools within Fusion 360 allow engineers to minimise mass and material use while maintaining high-performance standards and engineering constraints. Also, to reflect many of the educator’s goals to support sustainable engineering in their courses, we highlighted the methodologies for light weighting products, producing less production waste and choosing more sustainable materials.

    If you are an educator at a UK higher education establishment and would like to know how you can get involved in the Autodesk Summer School programme, then please get in touch.




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