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    By Dennis Collin


    When conducting training courses on AutoCAD I frequently get asked is there a checklist of items to include in an AutoCAD template file? A well-prepared template is so much more than just a title sheet. I have therefore, compiled a list of things that certainly should be considered. Indeed, these items are discussed on both our Essential and follow on AutoCAD courses.


    Typical elements to consider for a good AutoCAD template are:

    • Units & Precision
    • System variable monitor enabled and configured
    • Annotation Scale List
    • Layers
    • Linetypes
    • Lineweights
    • Layer Filters
    • Layer States
    • Text Styles
    • Dimension Styles
    • Multi-leader Styles
    • Table Styles
    • Title sheet (with attributes and possibly dynamic properties)
    • Page setups
    • Local blocks added
    • Cadstandards checker configured and enabled
    • Any superfluous information purged to encourage use of company standards and minimise file size.
    • If working in a network environment the template file should be stored on a shared server which the entire team can access.

    Other areas to consider:

    • Share well-constructed block libraries via the network and accessed via tool or block palettes
    • Share Bespoke plot configuration files (CTB/STB) on the server
    • Share Bespoke plotter driver configuration files on the server
    • Configure Designcentre to reference drawings and restore default settings if deleted or purged
    • Configure AutoCAD to load in any useful timesaving routines with the Appload utility (full AutoCAD only)
    • Setup a default AutoCAD profile to restore settings in the event of a workstation failure (full AutoCAD only)
    • Write a well-constructed CAD standard manual, shared on the server
    • Ensure your staff are well trained, so that they can use and appreciate all the benefits of a well-constructed AutoCAD environment, thereby being productive and profitable.


    Cadline offers a range of training solutions to our many customers, everything from elearning, through to seminar, workshop and traditional classroom training. These sessions can either be held at one of our training centres or at your offices.

    YouTube is all very well, but there is no substitute in having an instructor in person who is flexible in their training delivery. All our instructors have years of experience and are continually assessed in their knowledge and training skills. We keep group sizes small to ensure a good ratio of students to teacher which enable questions to be asked and answered either in the classroom or in a more relaxed manner perhaps, over a cup of coffee!

    For more information on a scheduled training course or a workshop tailored to your specific needs, call our team on 01784 419922 or visit https://training.cadline.co.uk/ and have a live chat to discuss your requirements.



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