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    By Kim Hyde

    As an active Vault user trying to manage what data is in, or what is not in Vault can be sometimes a challenging issue.  Luckily Autodesk provide an in-product tool in all  variants of the Vault Client applications.  This Blog addresses the use of the tool’s functionality.

    Before considering this topic further, it is worth remembering a few basic principles regarding the user’s workspace which I have listed below:

    • When a user edits files in Vault, the Check-Out function will retrieve a copy of the data to the user’s workspace and lock the edit to that user. This is true when editing both CAD and non-CAD data (e.g. Word files).
    • When the edits are completed, the data is Checked-In and a new version of the file(s) are stored and recorded under the file’s history.
    • The Check-In dialog provides an option to delete the local copy used for the edit.
    • For best practice, it is always best to delete the Workspace files once the editing is completed.

    Using Workspace Sync

    Workspace Sync / Quick Sync tool selection.


    Workspace Sync -            Full dialog with options; different configurations and be saved or opened.

    Quick Sync -                       Executes current sync settings.

    Workspace Sync Options


    Vault___Workspace_Sync_-_3.PNGOther useful settings include empty folder removal, together with saving / opening settings to an xml file.

    Also refer to the following Autodesk link: