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    By Martin Phelps

    The “Fillet” command will add a tangential “Arc” with a constant radius between two selected 2D objects, which can be any of the following “Lines”, “Arcs”, “Circles”, “Polylines”, “Ellipses” and “Elliptical Arcs”, “Splines” “Rays” and “Xlines” (which may also be known as “Construction Lines”).

    The “Fillet” command can also be used to add a curve with a constant radius between adjacent faces on a 3D solid.

    The “Fillet” command is located in the “Modify” panel of the “Home” tab of the “Ribbon” menu, or can be accessed by typing “F” and pressing “Enter”.

    If the both selected objects are on the same layer, the fillet will also be added to that layer. However if the selected objects are on different layers the “Fillet” will be added to the current layer.

    Once the “Fillet” “Radius” value has been set, by default the selected lines will either be trimmed or extended as shown in Figure 1.

    Example 1: - Selected “Lines” 1 and 2 are “Trimmed”.

    Example 2: - Selected “Lines” 1 and 2 are “Extended”.

    Example 3: - Selected “Line”1 is “Extended” and selected “Line” 2 is “Trimmed”.




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