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    By Dennis Collin


    Whether you use the out of the box reinforcement tools, or say an add-in like the precast concrete utility, individual bars and meshes display as simple lines, albeit with a colour code to indicate bar size. However, it is sometimes desirable to present the rebar elements as solid geometry for 3D detailing, coordination or presentation purposes. This is easily achieved by setting an instance property override on either individual bars or on an area reinforcement object.


    Switching to wireframe display, select the reinforcement elements that need to be displayed through the containing concrete and click on the view visibility states edit function.


    This will provide a dialogue where specific views can be overridden in how they display concrete reinforcement. View unobscured means reinforcement will show through the structural host. View as solid will ensure the reinforcement object shows as true solid geometry at fine level of detail.


    Tick the view and style as appropriate. Switch to the required view and note that certain reinforcement elements are now visible. To see the bars as geometry, remember to set the view as fine level of detail. The 3D view can be locked, and elements tagged as desired.




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