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    By Dennis Collin



    Can I use view filters in Revit LT?


    Unfortunately, no. Revit LT lacks the ability to apply filters to a drawing view, although filters can be setup by a full Revit user and then stored in a view template which will then be respected by Revit LT.

    However, the Autodesk knowledge network is a little confusing as it clearly shows a filter tab in the visibility graphics interface screenshot.


    Whereas upon inspecting Revit LT (2020), the filters tab isn’t there!


    This omission is also confirmed in the product comparison matrix.


    I find this a little strange as filtering views is a key part of working in any Revit project.  Hopefully Autodesk will address this omission soon as the full Revit has so many other features above LT including API functionality, Dynamo scripting as well as a full suite of structural and MEP tools.