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    By Ashley Rice

    Within the building program of Cymap you might need to add or change an element that either wasn’t already there or was defined incorrectly and this can all be handled within the ‘Face Data’ of each space.

    As the screenshot below shows the stairwell doesn’t have an internally defined door and we can assign an associated Fire Door without having to redefine the space or retrospectively change the fire-doors rating.


    If you do a single left-mouse click to select the space (in our case the stairwell)

    Then a single right-mouse click to select ‘Face Data’ from the list as seen below:


    Next step, select the correct face to include the new element, hit the plus icon on the drop-down tree and select internal door:


    Once you have selected to include a new element you can parametrically generate its geometry within the dialog box as shown below. It is worth knowing that the Diagram view is an elevation looking at the face from inside the space.


    In the above example, I have included a 60-minute fire door (FD60) starting 0.5 in the X coordinate.

    Once happy with your inclusion, click ok and double check on the floor plan for the correct placement.




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