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    By Gary Mann

    1. When inserting Radiators, Cymap obtains the room loss, adds any margin that the user has allowed and then searches the selected manufacturer ranges, applies an appropriate correction factor, if the mean water temperature differs from the room temperature by more or less than 50oC, divides this by the number of windows and displays suitable emitter choices. This “Number of Rads” can easily be overwritten but using the number of windows is a reasonable place to start as many are placed below windows.


    2. Consider Room 8, Gnd Conference, as shown above. There are two unequal Windows, one of which is three times larger than the smaller one. To select unequal emitters in the same proportion to the window sizes, add the proportions together e.g. 3 + 1 = 4 and enter this into the number of Rads box, and them place one rad under the smaller window.


    3. Then cancel the dialog. Restart the Insert Radiator command once again and you will be asked to confirm your choice. Choose Add.


    4. The Emitters Already Placed dialog will now display 1, because there are two windows and one rad has already been placed. This is what we require.


    5. Choose a radiator that is of the same style (Height, Range & Convector type) e.g. 600mm High, Softline K1. Place the chosen radiator and then press “Cancel“ and the dialog will close leaving the room with two radiators sized in the proportion of 3 : 1.



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