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    By David Crowther



    What is causing the ‘Error Processing Request’ message in MapThat?


    The answer is there can be many reasons why you are getting the ‘Error Processing Request’ message when you use MapThat. This is simply a generic message that the ‘End User’ will see if a problem occurs.


    The reasons for this message can be summarised into the following categories:

    When these errors occur the End User will simply see the ‘Error Processing Request’ message which doesn’t provide you as the administrator with much detail to fix these issues.

    In order to better debug these problems you have two options.

    1 – Access the physical server machine. Now you can open MapThat using the LOCALHOST URL, recreate the error (e.g. open the Layer that has the issue) and now a more detailed message will be shown e.g.


    2 – MapThat Error Log Table. Each time that an error occurs within MapThat a record is written into the VE_ErrorLog table. Open Sql Server Management Studio and select from this table and you will see the error message in full detail within the Exception Message field.


    Now you have the full details of the error message you can resolve the issue more easily.



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