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    By John Flanagan


    AutoCAD 2020: Accurate Placing of Titleblock in Paperspace.


    During a recent training course for new users to AutoCAD a delegate wanted to know how to place a titleblock accurately on a sheet layout. Figure 1 shows a white A1 sheet and an A1 Titleblock, the corner of which needs to be inserted exactly at the bottom left corner of the sheet layout. Unfortunately you cannot click on a snap point on the sheet. When you read the command line prompt it asks for an insertion point. Type 0,0 (zero in the x direction and 0 in the y direction) and press enter. The titleblock will be placed accurately at this point exactly where you want it – Fig 2.

    Fig 1: Insert Titleblock.


    Fig 2: Insert Titleblock - Complete


    You can locate your titleblocks in the project block gallery by clicking the insert button on the Block panel of the Ribbon. Click Recent Blocks and click the little radio button outlined in red to navigate to your titleblock location – Fig 3.

    Fig 3: Titleblock Location




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