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    By David Lewis


    When creating drawings text will be added and a decision may be taken later in the process to change the presentation of the text. This may be to make certain drawing notes more/less prominent, or to change the text case to make it more legible, either way it would be nice if we didn’t have to rewrite the text each time we wanted to change the text case.

    Modifying the TEXT CASE

    Modifying the text case in AutoCAD is easy if users have access to the Express Tools, as it allows users to select multiple pieces of text in a drawing and change them all at the same time using the ‘Change Case’ (Keyboard shortcut TCase).

    Navigate to the Express Tools tab on the ribbon > Expand Modify Text (using the drop-down arrow below it) > Choose ‘Change Case’ from the list (Fig 1) - alternatively type TCase into the command line.


    Having activated the Change Case tool, proceed to select the relevant text then press enter to confirm the selection. At this point the TCASE – change text case dialogue box will open and present a list of options to choose from. Select the desired option then OK to confirm. (Fig 2)




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